Our Mandate
The objectives of the club are to:

Foster public interest and appreciation of nature


Educate club members and others about nature


Promote environmental protection


Encourage wise stewardship of all natural resources


Appeal to a broad demographics

Our Projects

To preserve our heritage so people can become aware of the incredible natural beauty in our area

Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve

Located at 4164 Monck Road, and the largest nature reserve in the Federation nature reserve system, the Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve (AWSNR) encompasses 470 hectares (1163 acres) of central Ontario woodland and wetland. The reserve straddles the contact between the granitic rocks of the Canadian Shield and the limestone of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence forest.

In an area of Ontario where interior forest is uncommon, the Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve provides habitat for numerous species that depend on large tracts of contiguous natural cover.

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Altberg Wetland

Second nature reserve donated by Rudolph Altberg, a swamp forest and marsh that forms a Class I wetland.

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KFN Bluebird Trail

Help build, maintain and monitor nesting boxes for the survival of the Eastern Bluebird.

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CKL Flora

Plant inventories in the City of Kawartha Lakes with specimens deposited at the ROM Herbarium. The goal is to publish the Flora of CKL.

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Provincially Significant Wetlands

To ensure that all members of our community understand how we benefit from these wetlands.

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If you are concerned about our natural environment and would like to learn more about nature…

If you wish to support a local group dedicated to the preservation of natural things…

If you like to explore and enjoy the beautiful Kawarthas and beyond with your family and new friends…

If you wish to meet others who share your interests in the natural world…

If you want to actively promote conservation protection…




We invite you to join us

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