Committees and Chairpersons

Committee: Adopt-A-Road
Chairperson: David Young

Committee: Auditor
Chairperson: Loreen Randall

Committee: KFN Bluebird Trail
Chairperson: Bill Hoyle

Committee: Membership
Chairperson: Anne Anthony

Committee: Ontario Nature Rep
Chairperson: Eric Davis

Committee: Publicity

Committee: Website
Chairperson: Eric Davis

Committee: Altberg Reserve
Chairperson: Anne Irwin, Randy Beacler

Committee: Christmas Bird Count
Chairperson: Dan Bone

Committee: CKL Flora
Chairperson: Anne Barbour

Committee: Education Outreach
Chairperson: Dan Bone

Committee: Newsletter Editor
Chairperson: John Bick

Committee: Outreach Coordinator
Chairperson: Bill and Lizz Hoyle

Committee: Refreshments

Committee: Altberg Wetlands
Chairperson: Eric Davis

Committee: Archives
Chairperson: unfilled

Committee: Club Photographer
Chairperson: Eric Davis

Committee: Fundraising
Chairperson:Brian Barbour

Committee: Nominations
Chairperson: Brian Barbour

Committee: Programme and Outings
Chairperson: Dan Bone

Committee: Telephone Tree
Chairperson: Enid Skuce