Birding Hot Spots

Balsam Lake Provincial Park

Located on Hwy 48 west of Coboconk. This area is good for forest birds especially in spring and early summer when you will find vireos and warblers such as the pine warbler.


Located on Hwy 36. Waterfowl abound at the locks and the water above the locks in spring, fall and winter. Explore City Road 24 heading west of the town where waterfowl can be found as well as migrants, especially at Emily Creek.

Canal Lake

Located east of Kirkfield on Hwy 48 at Hartley Road which is a causeway across part of the lake. The causeway area is great for waterfowl. Also have a look in the picnic area to the north of the highway.

Carden Plain

Located east of Lake Simcoe and bordering the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, this is truly a gem for birding. Go north from Kirkfield on City Road 6 under the lift lock (where you can see cliff and northern rough-winged swallows) and continue about 2.5 km until you hit a 90 degree left curve. At that point turn right onto McNamee and then left on the Wylie Road. Bird the length of this road. Other roads in the area for birding include Alvar Road, Shrike Road and Victoria Road. While spring and summer are best, the fall provides many confusing fall warblers! Species of note include the loggerhead shrike, upland sandpiper, marsh and sedge wrens, eastern bluebird, horned lark, grasshopper sparrow, golden-winged warbler, clay-coloured sparrow, towhee, nighthawk and whip-poor-will.


Located at the intersection of Hwy 35 and Hwy 48. The canal is good for waterfowl particularly in winter in the open water. Also take Grandy Road west to the woodlands and shoreline at Indian Point.

Emily Tract

99.2 hectares of mixed forest property lcoated on Kawartha Lakes Rd. 14 just west of Cowan’s Bay and Emily Provincial Park. There are several trail loops exploring unique glacial land features such as moraines and eskers winding through the property. You will come to a big S curve. Emily tract is past the second curve, coming from Lindsay, on the right. Goshawk are known to breed here. You can also find thrushes and warblers.

Fenelon Falls

Located on Hwy 121 east of Hwy 35. Bird upstream and downstream from the falls particularly in spring and fall for waterfowl.

Fleetwood Conservation Area

Located south of Lindsay on Hwy 35 to Ballyduff Road. Turn east on this road and drive very carefully down a hill where you can turn right and park. This area is good for migrants and is home to many breeding field and forest birds.

Ken Reid Conservation Area

Located north of Lindsay on Hwy 35 to Kenrei Road and turn east until you come to the bottom of a hill. This spot offers excellent year round birding.

Prospect Road

Located east of Argyle on Glenarm Road to the second road and turn north. The whole road can be birded. It passes through fields, scrubby areas, bushes, forests and marshes. Notable species include vesper, savannah, grasshopper and clay-coloured sparrows, and upland sandpiper. The marsh at 8.5 km provides the opportunity of seeing herons, bitterns, sedge and marsh wrens, grebes, kingfishers, blue-winged teal,virginia rails, sora, moorhen, black duck and black tern.


Located on Hwy 35 north of Coboconk. Good birding year round along the canal.

Somerville Tract

Located about 10 km east of Norland on City Road 45. Somerville forest is on both sides of this road and there are trails.