KFN Library

The following media are available to KFN members from our librarian, Gerarda Schouten. Arrangements can be made to obtain items by speaking directly with the librarian or you can contact us.

Many thanks to Karen Anderson who has donated the majority of our books.


  • M.D.Colman P.F.J. Eagles, F.M. Hellenier, Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario.
  • Johanna Burger Birds
  • J. Murray Speirs Birds of Ontario
  • Lewis Wayne Walker, Book of Owls
  • Golden Guide 1985 Families of Birds
  • Heintzelman Guide to Owl Watching in North America
  • John E. Black Ken J. Roy Niagara Birds
  • Bruce Brooks On the Wing
  • Sibley The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behaviour


  • Edward Knobel Identify Trees and Shrubs by their Leaves
  • Alan Mitchell The Guide to Trees of Canada and North America
  • George W.D. Symouds Tree Identification
  • Janet Macunovich Caring for Perennials
  • Better Homes & Gardens Flower Arrangements
  • Better Homes & Gardens New House Plants
  • Better Homes & Gardens Water Gardens
  • American Horticultural Society House Plants
  • Jennifer Bennett, Turid Forsyth Harrowsmith Annual Garden
  • Mary Celestino Wildflowers of the Canadian Erie Islands
  • Ortho’s All About Creating Natural Landscapes
  • Jim Hole & Lois Hole Trees & Shrubs Practical Advice and the Science Behind It


  • Peterborough Field Naturalists Nature in the Kawarthas
  • Rex. E. Mabe Gardening with Ferns
  • Curt Stager Field Notes from Northern Ontario
  • Erika E. Gaertner Harvest without Planting
  • Harold J. Brodie Fungi Delight of Curiosity
  • Mike and Nancy Bubel Root Cellaring
  • Taylor’s Weekend Gardening Guide Organic Pest and Disease Control