Protecting Canada’s Boreal Forest For Birds

Be a part of the “Save Our Boreal Birds” Campaign

Canada’s Boreal Forest, a 1.3 billion acre green garland stretching across the country, is one of the world’s most unique and important ecosystems. The billions of birds raised in North America’s Bird Nursery leave their nests in the fall and migrate to winter locations throughout North, Central and South America. Many of our favorite backyard birds began their lives in the Boreal.

Unfortunately, the Boreal Forest is steadily being carved up by unchecked oil and gas, mining, logging, and hydro development. While less than 8% of the Boreal is permanently protected, already 30% has been allocated to industry.

Ontario Nature and the Boreal Songbird Initiative are organizing a petition to engage birders and naturalists in protecting the Boreal Forest. We think it’s time to combine all of our efforts to remind the governments about their responsibility to protect our natural legacy, for us and for the birds.

The online petition will be publicly submitted to federal and provincial leaders to demonstrate that we expect the Boreal Forest to be protected and that the bird declines that we’ve been experiencing are not acceptable. We’re confident that this idea will raise political and public awareness of the issue and are hopeful that conservation announcements will follow.

How Ontario Nature Groups can help

We believe the federal and provincial governments will listen if they hear thousands of Canadians demanding protection of the Boreal Forest for breeding birds. We need your help in spreading the word to make this a big success!

If you are interested in becoming involved in this campaign please contact Jen Baker at Ontario Nature at [email protected] or 1-800-440-2366, ext. 224.