Tagged Short-eared Owl on the Move

30 April 2008 – As part of a binational effort to learn more about the movements of Short-eared Owls (a species of Special Concern in Canada), a female owl was equipped with a solar-powered satellite transmitter in February 2008. We are excited to report that she is now on the move to northern breeding grounds. This owl spent the winter months (February, March) close to where she was banded in southern Ontario, then moved to Michigan in early April for a few weeks. After that, she went north to the Bruce Peninsula before continuing north. She is now near the James Bay coast in Qu├ębec. We encourage you to follow this owl’s movements by visiting this page of BSC’s website. For more information about this project, or about sponsoring one of our owls, please contact Debbie Badzinski at 519-586-3531 ext. 211 or [email protected].