The Land Between Annual Research Forum

22 April 2008 – A group of sixty landowners, researchers, and interested citizens gathered in Buckhorn, Ontario for the second annual Research Forum of The Land Between Collaborative. The Collaborative includes a variety of not-for-profit organizations, scientists, planners, landowners, and others, working toward the common goal of understanding and conserving “The Land Between” – an ecologically unique area in south-central Ontario straddling the contact zone of the granite bedrock of the Canadian shield to the north, and the limestone plains to the south. This interface produces heterogenous physiographic conditions and high ecological diversity. Andrew Couturier, GIS Analyst with BSC, and co-editor of the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario, presented results from the Atlas that demonstrate the importance of the region to a wide variety of bird species. Bird species richness patterns and range maps also illustrate the unique character of this ecozone and will help define conservation priorities. Select this link to learn more about The Land Between and how you can get involved.