Bird Species Extinction Threat Increases

BirdLife International’s latest evaluation of the world’s birds has revealed that more species than ever are threatened with extinction. The annual Red List update, on behalf of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, now lists 190 bird species as Critically Endangered (the highest threat category). Three species have been uplisted to this category: Zapata Rail (Cuba), White-bellied Cinclodes (Peru), and Black-winged Starling (Indonesia). The Alaotra Grebe of Madagascar, previously classified as Critically Endangered, has been uplisted to Extinct.

The good news is that when conservation action is put in place, species can be saved. The Chatham Albatross (New Zealand), Yellow-eared Parrot (Colombia), and Azores Bullfinch (Portugal) have all been downlisted from the Critically Endangered category as a result of dedicated conservation efforts.

For more information, visit the IUCN Red List website.